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Feel Like Love?

Who doesn't!?

There should really be some commas in there, and the word hate, but feel, like, love, hate just isn't quite as catchy. Regardless of my ramblings check out Reevoo's sexy new development, entitled FeelLikeLove.

I wouldn't usually big up work projects in such a fashion but I'm daring to say it's bloody cool and well worth a look.
There's also a 'naughty' side to the FeelLikeLove machine, which is easy enough to find but be warned, clicking pink ties will definitely offer more 'feel' and 'love' than you bargained for and it could get you fired if your boss walks past at the wrong time.

I'm a funny racist!

What did the guy that got ill from eating Lebanese food say?

'I falafel'.

Google Latitude

Google stole my brainwaves!
2 weeks ago I was on a train to Brighton. My cousin was on the same train but I wasn't sure what carriage. Using Blackberry Messenger he eventually directed me to him. The following conversation led to me suggesting an addon for Google Maps whereby you could see your friends locations. I suggested, using my feeble mind, that GPRS was used to ping one another Geo locations.

I think Google commute to Brighton.
They obviously overheard me and turned the idea around in the space of 2 weeks!

If anyone else is using it let me know and I'll add you (or whatever it is that's required. My berry is rebooting now)

Edit: I forgot to link it. www.google.com/latitude - it just updates Google Maps with the stalker mode!

Best film title sequence ever is?

Delicatessen gets my vote:


In case you were wondering, this is what me and Ed are like at work:

Except with a dash of:

Just don't ask which one of us is which. It changes frequently and keeps our relationship fresh and full of vigour.

Sperm perfume


Sperm perfume (Sperfume)


elise blue 2
Originally uploaded by Jon Appleyard.
lol Elise lol, as they say in WoW.


Originally uploaded by Jon Appleyard.
Did some photos for promoter Tom Searle recently where he specifically told me, on numerous occasions, that he needed a shoulder in shot for his poster plans. I managed to completely ignore him, doing only close ups like on the left here. I found one test shot from when I was setting up the lights, it was a weird angle, badly exposed but contained shoulder!

Dublin or quits

£9 room in Dublin on a Sunday in January. w00t!
No idea how we're getting there though. Or getting back for that matter.